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Project management for Post-it, ironSource’s dynamic messaging board. The goal was to keep the employees updated on company events, news and culture, as well as empowering them to create content themselves. UX/UI by Johanna Asseraf and Ayala Naroshevitch.

The plan

The plan

After trying to create a complex content board that required tons of writing from our marketing team, we’ve realised that in order to make this product maintainable it must be as automated & distributed as possible. That way, the majority of posts will be created automatically from social media and HR systems existing content. In addition, the employees should become content creators as well.

Admin side

Admin side

We wanted to create a friendly admin side that will be easy to understand, and won’t require more than a few minutes a day. Through the panel, the admin can write new posts, and approve pending posts that arrived from the different channels.